Marma terapie (info)

Marma Terapie

Autor: Govindačarja Ji
Vydáno: Ájurvéda v denním životě, Tel: 608 565 269,
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Massage of the energy points in the body that are important to life is called marma massage.
The human body is a very compact network of fine and thick shrotas (channels). The body is intended for certain physical activity, and in order to be able to perform it, the infrastructure of the shrotas. In this network there are certain points that are more sensitive to the flow of the vital energy, especially to the pran vayu, the main conveyor of life. This is why Sushrut wrote that these points are very sensitive. Damaging these places can cause death, disability, or disease. When there is a blockage in the flow of the life force, it can cause dysfunction in the physiological systems associated with that point.
This course provides instruction in how to heal these vital points through marma massage therapy.