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The University of Ayurveda Prague is a educational centre of traditional Ayurveda, which have been passing from teacher to student from several centuries.  logo uni ajurkuti
The knowledge of Ayurveda is a different aspect than its understanding, practising and realising.  Ayurveda works with spirituality, blessings, Sadhana and pure heart with sense of detachment. Business oriented Ayurveda can not unfold the aetiology it is more or less similar to medicinal systems.

Ayurveda is a human right and does not need a to be permitted by any Government, it is property of human being in a democratic nation.

Ayurveda en lights the way for healthy mind and body of the people.

Ayurveda teaches the understanding, tolerance, detachment and realization to human mind and expose functional anatomy and physiology. It advices how to overcome the problems related with health l.ife.

The University teaches a healthy style of life to everybody, for that I do not think, it require any kind of permission the governments.

Ayurveda has only one target a „healthy life of the being on the earth“.