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Prague Airport information

Prague Airport is in the west of the Prague and the University is in the East, It take about 60-90 min. by car from the airport.

Access by public transport

You can take bus 119 from the Airport to Metro line A,  Veleslavin station, change to line B at Mustek station, and then take the metro in the direction of Černy Most, exit at the final stop, find bus stop no. 15, and take either bus 221 or 353 to the Čertousy stop. The University building (Kuti) is in front of the bus stop.

Find transport connections.

You can buy  tickets at Metro stops, the Airport or at any news agent’s  (Trafika), CZK 24 for 30 min. and CZK 32 for 90 min. (recommended). You can also buy the ticket by SMS – send the text message DPT32 to number 90206 and you will buy a ticket for CZK 32.

Parking There is a common parking place at the University with space for about eight vehicles.

Currency The exchange rate for the Czech crown varies but the average rate is 1 Euro = 27 CZK. Just for an idea, you can get a meal in a restaurant for about CZK 150-250, beer for CZK 25-50, accommodation for CZK 500-3000/night.

Food There is a huge kitchen at the University  (Kuti). Students will not starve. It is enough just to ask at the kitchen counter.

Where to stay There are several hotels and pensions around the University. There is also a small guest room at Kuti. Those who want to sleep in the common lecture hall should bring their own sleeping bags. To stay overnight at KUTI costs EUR 5.

Information about hotels