The practice of AyurYoga is just like classic yoga, but it involves awareness of the Vedic concept of the human body and physiology as it has been described in detail in Ayurveda. All existing matter is comprised of the five basic elements (panchmahabhut), which themselves are comprised of subtle physical characteristics, which themselves are comprised of even more subtle particles that we call the mind, the soul, etc. The shape and size of the soul is something unimaginable. In the yoga sutras this is called Brahma. Each of us is, first and foremost, a materially physical body, then we are a product of biochemical physiology, and then we are a set of very subtle characteristics – the mahabhuts, doshas and dhatus. Ultimately each of us is a mind, a soul, a spirit, etc. If we generalize this, we can perceive life as comprised of the body, mind and soul. The beginning of life and the direction of physiological development leads from the most subtle level to the most gross, i.e., from the level of the mind to the level of the body, and all of these factors coexist and interact.

By practicing yogasanas, awareness arises, balance is established and the material body is experienced. This balance and its beneficial influence on the tissues and the subsequently arising experience of pleasure affects the physiology both at the invisible, subtle level (of the Vata, Pitta, Kapha doshas, the mahabhuts, agni, the dhatus and metabolism) and at the biochemical tissue level. All of this impacts the mind, which prepares us to experience life. This creates different kinds of awareness, emotions and moods. When a practitioner takes these factors into consideration and performs physical movement with presence of mind, this is called AyurYoga at the University of Ayurveda, Prague. For that reason, for AyurYoga to become a component of practice and study, we will practice AyurYoga at Kuti every Monday (in Czech language at 17:30.) and Thrusday (in English 17:30).

Since there is not much room at Kuti, the class capacity to practice in person there is 15 people maximum.

The practice is led by Ayurvedacharya Govindji. The plan is for all students to be able to practice, and for that reason as part of the Facebook group “AjurYoga at Kuti” you can join the practice through live broadcast. Membership in the Facebook group is paid and all income from AyurYoga will be dedicated to building the AyurFarm at CHUDÍŘ. The membership contribution of CZK 1 500, payable by the end of June 2018, can be sent by those interested in AyurYoga ONLINE to: bank account 5719620/5500, IBAN CZ1155000000000005719620