Model 10 - examination and presentation of desertation

Students will write a dissertation based on the experiences they have gathered during the two practical modules. During module 10, they bring this dissertation and present it. It is a short module (5 days) during which they can discuss individually with the teacher to clarify points that are not yet understood. The brief is then presented to a panel. During the oral examination, students must convince the examiners that they understand Ayurveda and that they can use it wisely in our society. At the end of the oral examination, the examiners, if they have noticed gaps in the student’s knowledge, may ask the student to revisit some modules. If the student’s knowledge is considered sufficient, the examiners approve and recognize the student as having the ability to practice as an Ayurvedic practitioner. They make the official statement at the annual symposium of Tapovan. Students, after completing Module 10, become members of the ACE (Ayurvedic Consortium of Europe) and stay in touch with the activities of the ACE. Once a year they meet the other ACE members for a sharing of experiences that will take place during the events organized by the ACE (festivals and symposia). At these events they can present their work. This is how we plan to create a strong family of Ayurvedic practitioners in Europe that will work as a college of practitioners. ACE will endeavor to have this college accredited by the laws of the European Union. It is certain that the establishment of such a united team of Ayurvedic practitioners will enable us to succeed in this endeavor.