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The University of Ayurveda Prague is an education centre of traditional Ayurveda, which has been passed from teacher to student for several centuries. Knowledge of Ayurveda is different from understanding, practising and realising it.  Ayurveda works through spirituality, blessings, Sadhana and a pure heart with a sense of detachment. A business approach or ego-oriented knowledge of Ayurveda can never reveal the aetiology of a health condition and is more or less similar to the modern system of medicine.

To deal with a living body, one would first have to know what makes the body live. It is not Vata, Pitta or Kapha that are the decisive factors for our being alive – the tridoshas are just tools for manifesting the desires of the Atma.  The tridoshas are a game played by the gunas.

What, then, is the controlling factor of life? This is what one would have to understand from Ayurveda. Consciousness (Atma) and its parameters are the main factors that boost life.

The majority of chronic diseases are rooted in human mental behaviour.  They cannot be treated unless the Manovratti (mental attitude) is changed. It is our duty to cultivate ourselves in order to keep our life healthy. Thus Ayurveda gives us clues to achieving good health.

Ayurveda is a human right and does not need  to be permitted by any Government, as it is the common property of all human being in any democratic nation. Ayurveda enlightens the way to a healthy mind and body for all people. Ayurveda teaches understanding, tolerance, detachment and realization to the human mind and exposes  us to knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology. It advises us on how to overcome problems related to the health of all beings.

The University of Ayurveda Prague, educates people for the practice of a healthy lifestyle. It is a human right to be aware of one`s personal health.

Ayurveda has only one target:  “A healthy life for all beings on the Earth”. The place where classes of the University are conducted is called Kuti.


Wishing you a nice time with us,

The Director