Ayurveda Awareness - Intensive course

This is an introductory course of Ayurveda where students will understand the philosophy of life according to the Sankhya system. It includes an extensive explanation of the Tridoshas (principle of the Tridoshas, their origin, types, seats in the body, effects and disorders) and the study of the Dhatus (their origin, development, regeneration, types and disorders). The practical part of the course consists of practicing Ayur Yoga and Pranayama. The Awareness Course is the basic requirement for High School (Gymnazium) studies in Ayurveda at our University. Students are required to do regular homework, which is an essential condition of the study. The training ends with a final examination.

Plan for 2019 22-27 Jan , 22-27 Feb.

6 days x 2 blocks = 12 days, minimum group of six scholars, EUR 840 per block.

Classes will be at Ayur Kuti, Bartlova 27/47, Prague 9, Czech Republic, 19300.

Useful information can be found online at the students’ corner.

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Daily Program:

7:30 – 8:30 Meditation and Pranayama

9:00 – 9:30 Breakfast

9:30 – 12:30 Classes

12:30-14:30 Lunch break

14:30-17:00 Classes

17:15-18:15 Ayur Yoga

18:30-19:00 Dinner

19:30-20:00 Satsang

(Note:  The program is subject to change, depending on agreement between the students and the teacher.)

Topics of the study

1. Ayurveda: Man-atma and Buddhi, Mano-vruti, Mano-guny 2. Panchakosha, Purush and Prakruti 3. Ayur Yoga – Theory and Practice 4. Sattva – Rajas – Tamas (Triguna). Relativity/Point of view:  How does one recognize the Triguna? 5. Triguna Qualities of Man (Mind) 6. Ahara, Vihar, Manan, Chintana 7. Ayur Yoga – Theory and Practice 8. Relation between the Dravya Gunas, Mahabhutas, Tigunas, Mano-vruti and Agni 9. Genesis of the Embryo, 24 Tattvas 10. Gunas, Prakruti and Functions of Tridoshas 11. Ayur Yoga – Theory and Practice 12. Function of Increased Doshas 13. Function of Decreased Doshas 14. Places and Types of Doshas 15. Ayur Yoga 16. Chaya, Kopa and Sham doshas 17. Sharir vidhya – science of body. Mahabhutas, Pran, Bhava and Chetana in the embryo 18. Agni and development of the embryo 19. Ayur Yoga – Theory and Practice 20. Koshika (cells) 21. Bhrun sthapan 22. Bhrun dhatu 23. Ayur Yoga – Theory and Practice 24. Metabolism, ATP and Agni 25. Dhatu upadhatu 26. Dhatu upadhatu 27. Ayur Yoga – Theory and Practice 28. Dhatu poshana vidhi 29. Dhatu sar prakruti 30. Dhatu sar prakruti 31. Ayur Yoga – Theory and Practice 32. Upsamhar

Literature: Ayurveda Awareness, Philosophy and Meditation, Ayurvedic Psychology, Gunas, Anatomy Part I, Ayur Yoga


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(To send us your feedback and questions, please write to info@university-ayurveda.com)



The course will be held during the winter vacation to meet the students’ requirements. ______________________________________

Govind Ji, It is great news that you have decided to open up a course in english. Taking this oportunity id like to give you my recomendation as someone who will be flying there. 4 plane tickets plus fees and accomodation will be a turn off financial outcome. In case that it appears to your inquiries also, consider doing 2 modules in a raw.. may Danwanthary keep an eye on as all..

Thank you. The Ayurveda Awareness course can also be given as one 16-day module, but I fear people will not grasp the information that way and the results may be zero. I have had this experience from teaching two days per module (a total of 8 modules) – people say it is too much information and they need time to digest it. As far the financial problem is concerned, you can organize an Ayurveda Awareness course in your country (for a minimum of 6 people) and I will come there to teach. Hariom _____________

Hello, I ‘am interested to come next januar and fébruar to continue with ayurveda awarness. So i need to now more about this to prepare my travel. – It is begining at Sunday at what times? if it begins in the morning can i comme the day before (saturday?) – I understand that i have to pay at your raiffaisen Bank but how many you want now? how many for the down payment now? is it free? – I thinck tranlation in french is not include? I hope my french friends of tapovan helps to translate during the sessions ,i ask them . (Isabelle, claire ? or any one other ? .. becouse my english level is light.

Hello. The session will start at 10 AM on the first day and 9 AM the following days. You can arrive the day before – it will be nice if you could talk to the other scholars and all take the same flight so that it will be easy for us to organize your transportation from Prague Airport to Kuti. You can pay the feee in advance or at the venue upon arrival. Unfortunately this instruction is not free, as we are not sponsored by any organization. We have not organized translation into French, but you can mutually organize it among yourselves.