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Dear Friends of Ayurveda,

We are glad to be able to announce this training course that delivers Ayurveda to you in full. The in-depth training course is divided into 10 modules (which can be completed over either two or three years of study). The course will make it possible for you to practice Ayurveda both in your private life and in professional activities related to Ayurveda.
The training is primarily based on the study of philosophy as the basis for understanding living physiology. This study makes it possible for us to understand the (in)visible factors that produce the human body as it is. The course will teach the art of diagnosis, how to identify and investigate diseases through a logical method of interpretation. Therapeutic tools, their properties, their secrets and of course the methodology for their use will also be taught.
Bringing together Ayurvedic knowledge of disease with the patient’s knowledge of his or her own condition,  we can properly use Ayurvedic techniques to meet the expectations of people who are looking for natural methods to get rid of their health problems. These are natural methods that can be easily integrated into daily life:  diet, exercises, behavior modification, psychology, meditation, pranayama, massages, panchakarma, procedures, etc. All the techniques that will be taught in this training can be used, as it is our human right to use such natural ingredients as have been licensed for use by the larger society and its laws.
This training also offers the opportunity to learn these techniques in practice. For this, two practical modules will take place at the Ayurvedic centers of Tapovan in France and the AyurFarm in the Czech Republic.
In the final phase a dissertation will be written based on the experience of providing care to patients carried out during these practical modules that will describe the knowledge acquired. It will be published and presented to examiners in a symposium, and after passing an oral examination, the student will be declared able to use these techniques either in his or her private life or in his or her Ayurvedic center, within the legislative framework specific to his or her country.
This training begins with the study of subtle anatomy, the module for which will be offered each year in Tapovan in March and June (France) and in January at the AyurFarm (Czech Republic) (see the calender). You can get an idea of ​​the content of this first module and the way the courses take place by viewing video recordings of them. To do this, send a request to join the Facebook group “Tapovan subtle anatomy session” group in which you will find all the videos of this course. You will also find a detailed description of each module below.
If you would like to start the full Ayurveda study, please register here. If you need to ask questions or get more information about this training and how it works, do not hesitate to contact us and write to us at the following address: info@university-ayurveda.com
Place: Training will tak place in Tapovan France (Tap.fr) and at the AyurFarm/Kuti in the Czech Republic (prg.CZ).
Language: The training will be in the English language; if there is a group of students who speak another language, they will have to organize interpretation.
Fee: 500 Euro each module(if paid 2 monts in advance) otherwise 550, Eur, without advance payment 600,- Euro at place.
Cost of Room and Board: this is according to the prices charged by the center hosting you
The program for each module has been added.
Note:  100 % attendance of each module is compulsory as the day-to-day lessons are interlinked.
General conditions: After the first module, students will be asked to take an oath to continue their study. In general, students will be asked to refrain from expressing criticism of their teachers, the schools, and their family members.
.____________________PART 1. _______________________________
_________________________PART 2.__________________________
_________________________PART 3. __________________________


24-29 March in Tapovan:  ACE Module 1 (Subtle anatomy), English-French  Teacher  Govind Ji

25-30 April in Czech Republic ACE Module 2  (Dhatu) v Emglish – Teacher  Govind Ji

26-31 May in Czech Republic ACE Module 3 (Samghat)  in English – Teacher  Govind Ji

26 -30 June in Czech Republic ACE Module 2 (Dhatu) in English – Teacher  Govind Ji

1-7 July in Czech Republi ACE Module 3 (Samghat) in English – Teacher  Govind Ji

9-15 August Tapovan Fr ACE Module 4 (Practicles – Dátá Snehan Massage) (Govind Ji).

22 – 27 Septembre à Tapovan : ACE Module 4 (Massage Dátá Snehan), en anglais et français. Enseignant : Govinda Dji … NORMANDIE – FRANCE.

27 – 28 et 29 Septembre  2019,   COLLOQUE INTERNATIONALE   …. NORMANDIE – FRANCE.


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