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Students of the University study at “Kuti” in Prague.

At the AYURFARM in Chudíř, Govindaji will meet with students but not conduct instruction in the university curriculum. Instruction in the Awareness or High School courses of all years will always be held at Kuti. The AYURFARM will not customarily be visited as part of the studies. If a group of students agrees and Govindaji approves, there can be some exceptional practicums there. The AYURFARM at Chudíř is a place for personal development in the sphere of Ayurveda and Yoga under Govindaji’s supervision.

Certainly all students of the University have the right to visit the farm. For a student to take advantage of this, he or she must enroll and will have a binding condition to fulfill, and that is the sankalpa (the Oath of the Student, which is similar to the Oath of the Yoga Trainer). Each student personally requests Govindaji to receive their oath.

Individual or private visits to the AYURFARM by non-students can be negotiated by the members of the Ayurfarm Chudíř Club with the management in Chudíř:

Director: Antonín Novák, tel: 777 271 712 (ajurvedapraha@seznam.cz)

PR- Hana Matysová, tel:. 602965318 (aup108@seznam.cz)

Assistant – Simona Schwingová, 607511612 (ajurfarma@seznam.cz)


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